Impact of wellness programs in Organization during Covid pandemic


  • Shubhra Vijay, Dr. Deepa Bakhshi


- Covid- 19, lockdown, global pandemic, wellness program.


Health and wellness of employees usually directly affects productivity and profit of the company, Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting the life of every individual and has not even seen any end of it, the scenario remains same. Organizations need to understand that their profit and productivity are ultimately affected by the physical and mental wellness of their employees. Still, many of the organizations in India are not focusing on wellness programs. If we see the global pandemic, most companies have been adapting to a lockdown hit India by finding all workable solutions to ensure most of their workforce remains active. This stands true for the corporate and IT industry which does not necessitate fieldwork. However, in space-crunch-affected Indian homes and residential spaces, not every employee has the luxury to have a room or home office along with the challenges of working when the family is together. In line with the current situation, Indian companies need to think of their employee wellness strategies and customize the program to accommodate the change in people’s habits after a prolonged phase of working from home due to Covid -19 lockdown and various mental pressures and fear.