A genetic polymorphism of IL- 7(rs964373) in bacterial vaginitis in Iraqi women patients


  • Zainab Abd mohammed, Ibtesam Badday Hassan, Mohammed Ali Hussein, Azdihar Mohammed Jasem


bacterial vaginitis, IL-7, gene polymorphisms.


Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most widespread, alteration of vaginal micro flora worldwide. We aimed to investigated between the polymorphism of the single nucleotide of the gene interleukin-7(SNP rs964373) where samples were collected blood from Pregnant women patients with BV Genomic DNA was obtained from 75 BV positive patients, and 25 not Pregnant women as a control. Analysis of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) in BV patients and controls revealed that the IL-7 genotypes were agree with the equilibrium, and no significant differences (p = 0.8230, 0.6307) were observed between the observed and expected genotype frequencies. We demonstrated that women who were homozygous CC genotype and C allele were risk for BV, with an OR =(2.18)   and ( 2.13)   also  the heterozygous    CT, were risk factor while homozygous TT and allele T were preventive factor  for BV ,with OR( 0.37) ,(0.46) respectively in the rs9643739. In conclusion, the results of the study indicate that IL-7 SNP showed associations finding of our study was that the rs9643739 was associated with a higher risk of BV progression in women of Iraqi patients