Changing Socio-Political Status of Women in Indian Society From Ancient to Modern Times: A Critical Analysis


  • Debajit Boruah, Madhushmita Das, Jalendra Phukan


Women Empowerment, Feminism, Gender and Patriarchy.


Since ancient times the status of women in India has been changing from time to time.  Women in Indian society has come a long way and prove that she is capable of doing anything and having equal partnership in the growth and prosperity of the nation. Women play most important role in the social, economic and political ground in the country. Equally, they could play an important role as men in the nation building but the status of women has not grown up to the level as compared to men in the Indian societies. Therefore, this study tries to highlight the changing status of women in the Indian society from ancient to modern times. This study also tries to discuss some of the major issues and problems faced by women in the society.