Analysis of Correlation Between Maternal Age and Gestational Age with Anxiety During Pregnancy


  • Senja Atika Sari, Nuri Luthfiatil Fitri, Sri Nurhayati, Nia Risa Dewi, Tri Kesuma Dewi


Maternal age, gestational age, anxiety


Background:Pregnancy for most women is something that is highly anticipated, but physical changes along with increasing gestational age can cause psychological changes in pregnant women that cause anxiety. Anxiety conditions are generally physiological in nature, but severe anxiety can have a negative impact on mothers and babies born.The purpose of this study was to analyze the correlation between maternal age and gestational age with anxiety in pregnant women.

Method:This study was conducted using a descriptive observational approach involving 50 pregnant women who came for a pregnancy check-up. Bivariate data analysis was carried out usingSpearman test.

Results:The age of most pregnant women was at the age of 20-35 years (88.0%) and in the third trimester of pregnancy (58.0%). Pregnant women who experience symptoms of severe anxiety are 3 (6.0%), moderate category 20 (40.0%), mild 16 (32.0%) and 11 (22.0%) others do not show significant anxiety symptoms .

Conclusion:Maternal age and gestational age did not have a significant correlation with anxiety during pregnancy (p>0.05), the increasing maternal age the symptoms of anxiety seemed to decrease and the older the gestational age the symptoms of anxiety increased.