The role of religious attitudes and COVID-19 anxiety in the tendency to use drugs


  • Mohsen Hosseinbor, Shokat mohseni, Sanam Panahi, Nasrin shokri, Vahid Jabbari


Drug use, religious attitudes, coronavirus anxiety


Introduction: Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) causes insurmountable psychosocial problems.

Impact on the entire humanity of marginalized society, especially those with substance use disorders (SUDs), are particularly vulnerable to infection and are also more likely to suffer from psychosis. The aim was to study the role of religious attitudes and Coronavirus anxiety in drug use.

Method: This descriptive-analytical article was performed on 100 students of the University of Tehran in 2020. Samples were selected by simple random sampling method and students who participated online in conducting religious attitude questionnaires, coronavirus anxiety, and attitudes toward drug addiction. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyze the data using SPSS-22.

Results: The results showed that there is a significant relationship between religious attitude and attitude towards addiction in Tehran University students (r = -0.499) and considering the direction of this relationship, it can be said that the more religious attitudes students have, the fewer attitudes they have towards addiction, and vice versa. There is also a significant relationship between coronavirus anxiety and attitudes toward addiction in Tehran University students (r = 0.285) and given the direction of this relationship, it can be said that the more anxious students are about the coronavirus, the more addicted they will be to it, and vice versa.

Conclusion: To better deal with these various psychosocial problems in society, models of intervention and prevention of social crisis should be created immediately by the government. Appropriate use of the Internet, technology, and social media services to control COVID-19 should be more informative. Psychological preparation by setting up special mental organizations for future epidemics is essential.