Job Satisfaction of Private Special Education Teachers about Teaching Profession: Perception of Special Edication Teachers


  • Tahira Zafarullah, Asma Kanwal, Faiza Jaleel, Dr. Samina Ashraf, Kashif Iqbal


            It is a great aptitude to teach. The teaching profession is often regarded as one of the most important in society. Education is the only way for society to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and innovations. In this approach, the teaching profession influences and develops students' lives, fostering their capacity to fully engage in society. The purpose of this study was to develop and demonstrate the attitude of private special education teachers towards the Teaching Profession and compare the attitude with public institutions' special education teachers’ attitude. For the conduction of this research, a survey method was used. The population of the study consisted of all special education teachers from all institutions of district Lahore. The research sample consisted of 320 special education teachers who were teaching in different schools and universities of district Lahore. Among 320 special education teachers, 185 teachers were from different private institutions and 135 were from public institutions. Of these 185 private special education teachers, 155 were from different private schools and 30 were from different private universities. And from 135 public special education teachers 103 special education teachers were from public schools and 32 teachers were from public universities and a simple random sampling technique was used for this. The self-made questionnaire was developed for the collection of data from the respondents. After the intensive review of literature about the attitude of private school teachers about the teaching profession. There were 5 factors in the questionnaire like Satisfaction about the profession, Satisfaction about available resources for teaching, Satisfaction about salary, Satisfaction about parent’s attitude, and satisfaction about authority’s attitude which contains 24 items. The researcher visited all selected government and private institutions and gathered data from special education teachers. Reliability was measured by collecting data from 100 special education teachers. The reliability was .845 which was accepted. The data was analyzed with the help of SPSS. The results of the study showed that the majority of the teachers agreed that this profession is a very prestigious profession. The majority of the public sectors teachers were not satisfied with the available facilities and resources in the institutions. Private sectors get more work and time but their salary packages are not enough to fulfill their needs. Results also showed that as compared to private institutions the salary packages of public schools and universities special education teachers were higher. They are satisfied with their salaries and work burden as compared to the private institutions. It is recommended that Govt. should make some policies that private institutes gave sufficient salary to their teachers so that they can fulfill their needs. Govt. should also take checks and balances about the timings of private institutions. There is a lack of satisfaction of public institution teachers about teaching resources. Well-designed teaching resources should provide in public institutions by Govt.