Proposal for a School Effectiveness Evaluation Model in Online Education in the Fourth District of San Cristobal in Bogota


  • Alma Delia Calderón León, Patricio Rivera Olguin


The proposal of a model for evaluating school effectiveness provides countless approaches and reflections on educational quality. Thisstudy emphasizes the interaction of different educational agents regarding the evaluation of quality in six educational institutions, especially in situations where educational processes cannot be developed face-to-face but in remote education conditions caused by health emergencies or other contingencies. The study is applied to six District Schools in the fourth district of San Cristobal in Bogota and is based on the analysis of changes that district institutions have faced due to changes in non-face-to-face education in response to the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Considering the above, the research aims to analyze the remote education conditions assumed by schools in a pandemic context to establish how school effectiveness was affected and how a school effectiveness evaluation model could be established that contemplates remote education situations in which the school community is not in an educational institution but through computer tools. The community of the selected schools (directors, administrative staff, teachers, students and family members) should be involved in the approach of continuous improvement processes that impact the evaluation of school effectiveness in remote mode and that follow the approaches of different theories and studies in Latin America and other countries, allowing to enrich decisions on institutional management and educational quality processes at the national level.  In this sense, the research seeks to contribute to the evaluation processes of educational quality for different institutions in the local, regional and national sector, in emergency situations where the traditional elements that accompany learning must be rethought or developed in a different way. Finally, the research presented in this doctoral thesis project will serve for the construction of a scientific article that will contribute to studies on school effectiveness in the academic community of educational sciences, contemplating situations of virtuality due to health emergencies.