Students Practice of Argumentative Business Writing to Develop Critical Thinking


  • Elli Setiyo Wahyuni, Slamet Setiawan, Syafi’ul Anam, Sri Wahyuni, Deasy Arieffiani


Improving critical thinking in teaching English for specific purposes is a suitable learning goal for students to understand argumentative business writing and to improve English skills beyond the linguistics aspect. This study aims to investigate the students’ critical thinking in their argumentative business writing by using authentic assessment. A mixed-method research design is used by analyzing the interrelationship between argumentative business writing and critical thinking, applying a rubric to provide the evidence of students’ critical thinking, and providing an open-ended questionnaire to know the students’ perception. The finding indicates a strong positive correlation that argumentative business writing contributes significantly to critical thinking development. The study also indicates that students reach a high level of critical thinking in terms of knowledge construction and evaluating reasoning. In this study, it is found out that logical thinking and writing skill have been practiced through the use of argumentative business writing in authentic assessment. It is a recommendation to use real-world material set in authentic assessment to enhance critical thinking skills.