The Effect of the Inverted Learning Strategy in Developing the Most Important Visual Abilities and Performing the Skill of Serve Receive in Volleyball for Students


  • Hussein Rahim Jabr, Dr. Wissam Riad Hussein


            The purpose of this paper isto identifying the effect of the inverted learning strategy in developing the most important visual abilities and performing the skill of serve receive in volleyball for students. The experimental approach was used to design the two equal groups, and the research community was represented in the third stage students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, the University of Kufa for the academic year 2020/2021, who numbered (85). ) students and the research sample included (28) students, with (14) students for each of the control group and the experimental group.The most important results of the research indicated that the inverted learning strategy has a prominent impact in developing the most important visual abilities associated with the skill of receiving serve in volleyball for students, and following it during the implementation of the educational units has a great role in developing the skill of receiving serve and shortening the class time that the teacher spends with the learners.The recommendations were to adopt the inverted learning strategy in the educational units of volleyball, to adopt visual exercises characterized by excitement and suspense, to involve the sense of sight in the exercises, and to develop the player's sense of changing stimuli in the educational environment, such as pictures, colors, light flyers, balls, colored figures, circular rings, colored rugs, and optical techniques.