Examining Trust and Risk Factors Leading Towards Revisit Intention: A Case Study on Rookie Tourism Destination of Bangladesh


  • Anika Nashat Matin, Dr. Veer P. Gangwar


Tourism destinations that are already emerged also face many difficulties in course of time to attract tourist for revisit intention and gradually become rookie destination. Different challenges of destination marketing organization leads to pitfalls that are common and most often face in vulnerable destination as ‘rookie mistakes’. This study aimed on analyzing relationship among destination marketing factors ( trust and risk factors) towards revisit intention in a rookie destination of the country but a highly demandable tourist destination of the country ;Sundarban (the worlds largest mangrove forest).Although studies can be found on highlighting emerging destination as rookie destination but this study has turned into seeing on how a trending destination can turned into gradually as rookie destination with important DM factors as research gap on the context of Bangladesh tourism. It is demonstrated that the taken DM factors for this study has significant positive relationship towards revisit intention along with suggestions for DMO to carry forward this destination towards tourist in assessing deeper towards the studied variable. This study is quantitative in nature carried questionnaire as instrument for collecting data. 270 were final sample size selected on purposive sampling, using SPSS for analyzing and concluding the results. The consequences revealed demography factors also responsible in connection of revisit intention towards the place which has also an association with trust (horizontal & vertical trust and consumer trust) and risk factors (social and political, natural disaster, health issues, crime). Likewise, DMOs and other associated bodies in tourism of Bangladesh, need to give a fresh look towards changing the scenario on focusing the studied variables as it has proven on carrying significant relationship towards revisit intention to Sundarban.