Physiochemical Charecters and Antimicrobial Activity of Zamzam Water Against Escherichia coli in vitro.


  • Jabbar F. Al-maadhidi, Kamal B. Barwani, Marwa A. Hadab, Ammar B. Al-Asadi, Bareq N. Al-Nuaimi, Murtadha N. Abdul-Ghani


Zamzam water, Antimicrobial, chemical charecters


Zamzam water provide for billions of muslims and considered as a holy water. In this study, Samples from zamzam water was charecterized chemically and compared with tab and distilled water. In addition to assay the antimicrobial activity. Zamzam water samples were charecterized for physical and chemical constituents and enumerated for total viable count of bacteria and coliform. Antimicrobial activity of zamzam water was studied and MIC, MBC determined. Result showed zamzam water is rich in micro, macroelement and slite salaine, with high electric conductivity (EC 70-80 time) higher than tab and distilled water. The concentartion of sodium, calicium and magnesium are 42.7, 47.7, and 14.4 µg/ml respectively. The bicarbonate concentration was 74.7 µg/ml and hardness 180.7 µg/ml . Also, high concentration of chlorine (70.7 µg/ml) and sulfate (124.4 µg/ml). Result shows that zamzam water samples were free of microorganisms and coliform, showing antimicrobial activity against E.coli. The bacteria was inhibited for growth after 18 hrs. and killed (no growth) after 24 hrs. The concentration of zamzam water 5:5 V:V inhibit the bacterial growth (MIC) and inhibition zone was started to appear between 5:5 and 6:4 V:V zamzam water and distilled water (MBC), and the inhibition zone increased with the increasing in concentration of zamzam water giving 17 mm at 10:0 V:V zamzam water: distilled water.