Technology patterns and their value in contemporary Western visual discourse


  • Sarah Falah Hassan Alwan, Dr. Rehab Khudair Abadi Al-Alwani


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This current research dealt with the concept (patterns of technology and its value in contemporary Western visual discourse), as it studies the nature of those technological techniques that played an important role in contemporary visual discourse in order to define and shape the present and future reality for the contemporary viewer.

The aim of the research and the need for a mechanism is to identify (patterns of technology and its value in contemporary Western visual discourse). Those contemporary technological techniques that have become a media element have a functional and value role in expressing ideas in visual discourse.

As for the limits of the current research, it is represented from the period (1960-2010), as for the second chapter, which contained topics that included the first topic: (Technological patterns in contemporary visual discourse). As for the third chapter, it included research procedures represented in (community, research sample, analysis). The fourth chapter included a set of results and conclusions, the most important of which are: