Perception and Awareness of Differences Between Branded and Generic Drugs Among Public


  • Harshith N, DR.BR Jaidev Kumar, Sujay Mugaloremutt Jayadeva,


Pharmaceutical Industry, Generic Drugs, Branded Drugs, Public


Pharmaceutical Industry is robust in India, many big players in the market who are in the business and promoting  their respective brands and investing a lot in terms of advertisement and marketing, nowadays there is the emergence of the new concept of generic drugs as the generic drugs are cost effective when compared to branded drugs and also the government has also taken initiative to promote the same .Drugs have become an essential part of the population, there are two classes of drugs available one is generic and other one is Branded Drugs ,Generic drugs, on the other hand is in initial stages of promotion and there is definitely there is a need to study the awareness of generic drugs on public though both of them exists in the market but the question is how different these two from each other and what will the general public prefer over these two drugs was our main aim of research so cross-sectional questionnaire-based study was carried out for a duration of 3 months to assess the knowledge and perception of branded and generic drugs among the general population we posed a fourteen different types of questions to the public regarding the same the noticeable thing was the majority of the population were aware of both the generic and branded drugs available in the market. There were mixed opinions in preference of these choice of drugs among the public, but they preferred the usage of Generic drugs as it would be costing less on comparison with the branded drugs but still, the lack of confidence in terms of usage of generic drugs was found among the public