The Adoption of Innovative Approach in Research Proposal Development in the Management Sciences of the Higher Education Sector


  • Robert Walter Dumisani Zondo


higher education sector, management sciences, research innovation, research proposal evaluation tool (REPRET), throughput


Several innovative factors transforming higher education provide opportunities of changing its context. This influence the sector to continuously learn new ways of conducting business and introduce innovative methods in its post- graduate research-based teaching.  Thus, the future of academia in Higher Education lies in the continuous search for innovative methods of evaluating students’ research proposal.  This sentiment underpins the significance of the Research Proposal Evaluation Tool (REPRET).  REPRET is a computer-based innovative tool that assists emerging research supervisors (or promoters) in the management sciences in evaluating students’ research proposals effectively. It has built-in functions that provide technical and methodological guides regarding students’ proposals.  It assists students in improving the quality of their research proposals, the efficiency of research proposal development, as well as throughput.  It is a Microsoft Excel-based tool managed by the research supervisor (or promoter), covers various sections of the research proposal and is compatible with quantitative, qualitative and mixed paradigms. The contribution of REPRET as an innovative tool relies on higher education’s ability to adapt to new processes. REPRET represents an innovative practice in education.  It helps the higher educational sector, particularly the management sciences, to achieve competitive advantage and higher performance