Study of polymorphism of blood Albumin protein in Iraqi Buffalo


  • Falih H. Hamad


Iraqi buffalo, electric migration, albumin protein


The study included the collection of blood samples from 80 Iraqi buffaloes in Basra Governorate. To study the genetic polymorphism of the protein albumin in the blood and the distribution of these genes by using the electrophoresis technique with polyacrylamide gel.Six genotypes were found for the blood protein albumin: AA, AC, AB, BB, BC and CC. Three alleles A, B and C are responsible for them. They are inherited according to Mendelian genetic laws and according to co-dominance. The frequency of the gene A, B and Cwere 0.43, 0.31, and 0.26 respectively. The frequency of the genotypes AA (0.255), AC (0.204), BB (0.173), AB (0.153), BC (0.112) and CC (0.102). The value of the observed and expected heterozygosity ratio was 0.469 and 0.6538, respectively. While the Fis for the A, B and C alleles was 0.229, 0.375 and 0.178, respectively. It is concluded from this study that there is a high genetic polymorphism of the albumin gene in Iraqi buffaloes