Legal Organization to Professional Sport According National and International Rules


  • Mohammed Salman Mahmood, Mohammed Abdulkareemsalim


Humanity has known sports since ancient times, and this was one of the important games or practices to occupy the human time. As for civilizations, there was a share for practicing sports. As for the modern era, it has developed greatly. Therefore, sports have become one of the important means in the lives of people. We find that Sports today is one of the important tools for the culture and development of peoples, as the more advanced the sport reflects the progress of countries, because the sports sector is not just games, but rather means the economy, social development, capital provision, and international relations, so the topic of our research was about the contract of sports professionalism in national and international laws Because this contract is of great importance in sports professionalism and its organization, as we reviewed sports professionalism and the nature of this contract and between the parties to the contract and then we touched on the effects and contractual obligations of the contract of sports professionalism, and then we touched on the contract of sports professionalism under international sports law and clarified the criteria that determine the contract of international sports professionalism And then the conclusion, in which we reviewed the most important results and indicated the proposals that might provide the sports sector with some information and what is new in the sport professional contracts International and national.