The Effect of Spirituality on Mental and Physical Health


  • Dr. Ajay Saratkar


Spirituality will be a thing of the past for most people, but the truth is that it is beneficial for the mental health of man. Spiritual power makes a man strong from within. Spirituality is not just a new trend. This word has different meanings for every person. Simply put, it gives a better meaning to our lives. Some people believe that spirituality is religious, but it is not so. To be spiritual is to be beyond all kinds of bondages. Just as it is important to take care of your physical health, mental health is also important. Due to this pandemic, our mental health has been badly affected for many months. Due to this, the discussion on this topic has increased. In these negative times, it is important to maintain your inner peace and this is what spirituality does. How can spirituality make a man mentally and physically healthy? How does spirituality affect mental health? How does spirituality affect physical health? The topic of research has been chosen to find answers to these questions.