Increasing Environmental Pollution and Its Impact on Human Society


  • Dr. Raju V. Kasare


The environment and surroundings by which we are surrounded from all sides is called environment. There are mainly two types of environments, one is the natural environment and the other is the man-made environment. The term ecology refers to a network in which physical and biological systems and processes take place and humans are also a violence of it. Seas, plains, rivers, mountains, animals are all ecological parts. The science that studies the relationship between the environment and living things is called social ecology. The ecosystem which consists of animals, plants and environment is called ecosystem. The emergence of social environment is accomplished through the interaction of bio-physical, ecological and human intervention. It is a two-way process, just as society shapes society, in the same way society also shapes nature. The nature of the world has been shaped by capitalist social organizations. Air pollution and congestion in cities, regional conflicts, wars for oil and global warming have affected nature. The interaction of environment and society is shaped through social organization. The relation of environment and society is restricted in their system of knowledge apart from its social values ​​and norms.What is the impact of the Increasing Environmental Pollution on Human Society? How has the Environmental Pollution affected different sections of society? What is the reason for the Increasing Environmental Pollution? This research topic has been chosen to find answers to these questions.