Safety Issues of Forest Workers in Koka Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Bhushan Bhimrao Tembhurne


The forestry zone is believed to be in the grips of globalization, and it also strives to achieve long-term forestry growth. Approximately 13.7 million people are employed professionally in the forest sector around the world, with millions more working informally, particularly in poorer nations (ILO, undated). Forest workers are an essential component of the forestry industry. Their wellbeing and health would have an impact on the quality and efficiency of their work.

The main goal of this study is to look into the working circumstances of forestry employees, their reviews on accidents and safety, and the measures they take. The research was carried out in The Koka Wildlife Sanctuary, Dist. Bhandara (Maharashtra). All of the persons who took part in the study hailed from different places and had inadequate working and living situations. The primary goal of this study is to raise awareness regarding forest workers' safety. The evaluation focuses on examining crucial issues related to their health problems and conditions that have happened in a variety of forestry situations.