The Study of the Deteriorating Mental Health and Its Causes in India in the Digital Age


  • Ms. Rachana L. Dhadade


One of the essential steps in research on any disease is to study how the disease affects the population. Similarly, it is necessary to study those factors which make a person vulnerable to disease and also the number of people who are affected by the disease. Base done these studies, the government sets its policies to help the people. These studies are also an important source of data for scientists who research the causes and therapeutic strategies of a particular disease. Correct population studies can help determine the true prevalence of mental diseases in the future and strengthen policy decisions for the future. There are only a few studies on mental diseases in India that show the prevalence of these diseases across the country through time. Even though little research has been done on the prevalence of mental health in India so far, the situation has improved in the last few years. Mental health research includes epidemiology, psychology, biological science, and cognitive studies that can be further classified based on gender, geography, and culture. Why is mental health deteriorating in India in the digital age? What are the challenges related to mental health in India? What are the causes of deteriorating mental health in India? What is India's mental health landscape like? What is India's position in mental health research? The topic of this research has been chosen to know the answers to thesequestions.