The Study of the Effect of Yoga on Mental and Physical Health during the Corona Pandemic


  • Dr. Sunil Zade


Every human being desire to live in harmony with himself and the environment. However, in the modern age, more physical and emotional desires are increasingly overwhelming many areas of life. As a result, more and more people suffer from physical and mental stress like stress, anxiety, insomnia, and an imbalance has been created in physical activity and proper exercise. This is the reason why new methods and techniques have increased in importance for maintaining and improving health as well as maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. In the Corona period, people adopted yoga to increase immunity and keep their body and mind healthy. This is the reason that more people are currently associated with yoga daily than the number of people who have joined collectively in the past years on International Yoga Day. According to an estimate, about three lakh people are doing yoga daily across the district including Ajmer. These people have learned yoga through online mediums sitting at home and have included it in their routine. What is the impact of yoga on mental health during the corona pandemic? What is the impact of yoga on physical health in the corona pandemic? The purpose of this research is to find answers to these questions.