“Sustainable Global Social Transformation:Path to the Progress”


  • Dr. Vijay Tupe, Dr. Kalpana Jamgade


The article focuses on the basics of sustainable social progress. As the argument suggests, a realistic view of the resource-related institutional changes and organizational changes necessary for sustained progress are needed to achieve an overall transformation of the system and society.The main assumption concerns the availability of a real future transition to sustainable global social progress and its subsequent assertion. Allow me to present the arguments for such a transformation precisely based on a transformation model.This approach assumes a comprehensive study of the interconnected transformations of major social domains as systematic processes taking into account the influence of relative exogenous factors. In turn, for today's global problems, it would be appropriate to introduce an idea of ​​universal sustainability, inherent in all social practices, and not merely mediating the relationship between the two.Relationship between society and its environment. The specified project pre-determined the structure of the rest of the paper. In the second part, the conceptual vision of sustainable social progress is demonstrated from a theoretical point of view. In the next section, the author has highlighted the conditions for the sustainability of the system. Furthermore, in section 4, the central question is raised regarding the possibility of transition towards a sustainable global social transformation. The first results of the study conclude by revealing the underpinnings of the overall sustainability of the social system and the second result: the transition towards sustainable transformation of society assumes the synchronized implementation of structural changes to systems and policies.