Human Resource Information System: A strategic Advantage to Business Organisation


  • Shibani Pattanayak, Swagatika Choudhury, Mousumi Dash, Prachishri Mishra


In this 21st century all the business organisations find themselves, growing in the global competitive market. Human Resource information system (HRIS) is gaining its importance day by day with the dynamic environment of business. It is an online solution for the data tracking and data entry of the employee’s details. This paper aims to do the literature review on the various aspects of HRIS along with its importance in the organisation. HRIS generally provide different techniques for more effective plan, control and managerial effectiveness. In many situations HRIS also helps in enhancing the effectiveness of different HR related managerial decisions. The objective of HRIS is to merge different aspects of human resource like payroll, management, accounting function, human resource planning (HRP), training and development (T&D), performance appraisal, etc.