Control of Coal Power Plant Gaseous Emissions Using Photocatalytic Air Purifier


  • Dr. Swapneel Satone, Dr. V. Rathinakumar, Dr. N. Sundar, T. Ayyappan, Dr. B. Karthikeyan, S. Reshma


According to 2014 figures, India is the world's fourth largest energy user, consuming 983823GW-hr every year. As of 2016, the total capacity of all power plants to generate energy was 303 GW. Coal power stations provide the majority of energy, accounting for 42% of total electricity generated. India's total coal power generation capacity is 164.63588 GW. Tamil Nadu has a total power generation capacity of 10.214 GW. Tamil Nadu generates 4.47 GW of electricity from coal alone. As a result, it accounts for 43% of total energy generated. Coal power plants are the most environmentally damaging of all fossil fuel-based power facilities. It is critical to take actions to reduce pollution emissions from the plan.  We've decided to focus our efforts on the Ennore Thermal Power Station. It's a 450-MW coal-fired power plant in Chennai. It has a total of 5 units with a capacity of 260 MW and 3110 MW. We are determined to learn about the coal power plant's emission characteristics and investigate the current emission control system through this project. We would construct a Photocatalytic emission control system to efficiently reduce emissions based on the quantity and type of pollutants.