Person Identity Recognition System Using CNN with SSD and OCR Techniques


  • Jawaria Hafeez, Maryum Ikram, Sallar Khan, Madiha Tanveer, Wardah Ahmed, Muhammad Shoaib


Android Application, OCR, SSD, CNN.


We are creating an Android application using platform Android studio, the application is called “Know Now App” that will make your life much easier and solve problems. The technology of Optical Character Recognition and Face Recognition is not new, but it foresees new growth opportunities in the coming years. Hence, our Optical Character Recognition and Facial Recognition application “Know Now App” will facilitate people of any organization to know the information of any unknown person without hesitation. It is a unique technology that recognizes text inside images. It is commonly used to recognize text in scanned documents and images. This application is OCR based application with Face recognition technology that identifies the person, Image or text & show basic information about any person. We run our project in android studio and register the application with firebase, Adding a firebase and firebase SDKs in the application, Add splash screen window, Adding a user registration and login form in the application, Automatically open a camera and it is a home screen, navigation drawer contains settings and sign-out option, User recognize text and face with the help of firebase ML kit, Data feeded in the firebase database results will be on the device screen with runtime data fetching. The final output of this application is to show basic information of unknown person on the device with the help of facial recognition and text recognition. Recognizing the text and the facial features with the help of ML kit and data feeded in firebase database results will be on the device with runtime data fetching.