Molecular Study of OprL gene in Pseudomonas aeruginosa from wounds and burn infections in Baghdad city


  • Afraa Naje Jamel


Pseudomonas, Antibiotics, Sensitivity, Resistance


One hundred sixty swabs were collected from burn and wounds from both sexes in different hospitals in Baghdad including: Al-Yarmook teaching hospital and specialised burns hospital during the period from October 2020 to March 2021. P.aerginosa isolates have been diagnosed by using a microscopic examination and identified with the aid of using the use of biochemical tests. These results were confirmed by identification using Api20E system. It was found 98 (61.2%) out of the total One hundred sixty samples on citromide agar and MacConkey agar produced positive results. Result showed that 58 (59%) isolates of Pseudomonas aerginosa were isolated from the 98 positive cultures, and thus the Pseudomonas isolation percentage from other bacteria of the wounds. while the findings revealed that the isolation rate of P.aerginosa from females was (39.6%), which was higher than that of males (60.3%).