Optimal behavior of honey bee In Nineveh Province for the production season 2021


  • Assad Ibrahim Mustafa, Hassan Thamer Zanzal


bee honey, Nineveh Province, productive season


Nineveh Province was elected as an applied model for the study due to its relative importance in the production of  bee honey. The data was obtained by designing a questionnaire using the random sampling method for honey bee production projects in the field. The sample size was determined according to its percentage in the community for (120) projects and the percentage was (29.62%) From the study community, the aim of the research is to estimate the production function and to know the optimum quantities of profit from farm resources and to estimate the level of maximum production for profits and the amount of the greatest profit achieved from the production of honey bees in the area of the study sample. The long-term production function was estimated through the contribution of (work and capital and cell number) as independent variables, the double logarithmic model was the best models used in the analysis to meet the economic, statistical and standard criteria, and the coefficient of determination R2 showed that (0.97) of the changes in the quantities produced by honey bees (Y) are explained by the changes in the independent variables included in the model and (3%). Of the changes of the dependent variable, their interpretation is attributed to other factors that are not included in the model, and the t-test proved that all the variables are significant, as it was shown through the significant F value of the function as a whole at the level (0.01), that the volume of production, the maximum profit, reached (9.143) kg / cell, And the optimal cell number is (70,007) cells, And the maximum profit capital amounted to (81,278) dinars / cell, while the maximum profit amounted to (11.248) workers / day, and the greatest profit amounted to (70112) dinars / cell, and the lowest cost that could achieve the maximum volume of profit amounted to ( 158468) dinars, and the study proved that investment in the field of honey bee production projects in Nineveh Governorate is rewarding and achieves great returns. Nineveh for the purpose of investing in honey bee production projects, as it achieves highly profitable projects and tops all agricultural investment projects.