A Proposed Vision for Managing the Diversity of Human Resources and Its Impact on the Organizational Conflict of Work Teams in the Qualified Industrial Zones in Jordan


  • Mohammad Salameh Zaid Almahirah


diversity management, human resources, organizational conflict, work teams.


The study aimed to identify the impact of managing the diversity of human resources and the level of organizational conflict management methods for work teams in the qualified industrial zones in Jordan. The aim of this study was also to develop a proposed conception of the impact of managing the diversity of human resources on organizational conflict. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach, which is limited to collecting, classifying and tabulating data and facts. The study population consisted of workers in the qualified industrial zones in Jordan through an intentional sample of 121 administrators. The researcher developed a questionnaire of 16 items aimed at measuring the diversity of human resource management, and its impact on organizational conflict management methods. The results of the study concluded that the arithmetic mean of the responses of the sample members to the items of the impact of the diversity of human resources management was (2.40), which is located in the medium level. The study also ended with the development of the elements of the proposed vision, in terms of components, premises, pillars, objectives, and finally the main steps of the proposed vision