Nursing Baccalaureate program from the perspective of graduate nursing students


  • Shadia Hamoud Alshahrani, Eva Lobelle Ederango


Saudi universities; academic study; baccalaureate degree; nursing curriculum; nursing student; nursing graduates


The transition of nurse education to the tertiary sector provides the basis for improving ability of nurses for evidence-based practice in a complex health care environment. The development of advanced medical technologies, changes in demographics, and workplace diversity have increased the need and demand for the professional and competent nurses to carry out the high-quality nursing care. It is believed that nurses with the bachelor’s in nursing degrees are well prepared to meet all the nursing demands and needs. The purpose of this study is to investigate the graduates’ perceptions of nursing college program through a comprehensive retrospect to identify the career paths of the graduates. A descriptive methodology was adopted for this research. Questionnaires were used for data gathering including items designed to explore demographics, graduates’ perceptions of the program and career pathways. A google document and survey form were sent to graduates and shift nurses by email. The findings revealed the satisfaction of majority participants about the program outcome for the role of the professional nurse. Moreover, a high number of participants indicated a significant impact of the program for the professional development