Teaching during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia: The Effectiveness of Online Learning and Pre-Reading Skills


  • Muhardila Fauziah, Tatat Hartati, Vismaia S Damaianti, M. Solehuddin, Yeni Sulaeman


pre-reading; online learning; EGRA; covid19 pandemic


Changes in the face-to-face teaching to online learning provided by teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic may influence the pre-reading skill of elementary school students in Indonesia.

The research aims to examine the overview of rural areas and students' pre-reading skills in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This study used a descriptive qualitative approach. The instruments used were the interview guideline for teachers and the pre-reading test using the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA).

The results showed that online learning conducted by teachers in rural areas was less effective because of the bad internet connection. Also, teachers need training in using digital technology as a learning medium. Assignments and exercises given to the students could not measure student development. Then students' pre-reading skills were as follows, namely: 1) the ability to read letters data showing 26.67% of students with excellent ability, 43.33% of students with good ability, 16.67% of students with fair ability, and 13.33% of students with poor ability, 2) the ability in distinguishing the initial sounds data showing 76.67% of students with poor ability, and 3) the fluency of students reading aloud was also still relatively low because only five students could read the words presented correctly and precisely.

Online learning carried out by teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic has not been effective to be implemented in Indonesia, especially for rural areas, and students' pre-reading skill is relatively poor.

The research shows that online learning in rural areas is less effective. Therefore, there is a need for training in learning technology for teachers on online learning to improve students' pre-reading skills and parents cooperation in providing reports on student progress honestly and responsibly is also necessary.