Correlation Between Orthodontics and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders


  • Rozela Xhemnica, Milton Rroco, Vergjini Mulo, Elsena Mataj, Kevin Ndreu


orthodontics, TMJ,TMD,malocclussion, manifestion of TMD


The relationship between orthodontics and temporomandibular joint disorder is a clinical issue of great interest.Temporomandibular disorders are most prevalent in children and teens.The aim: The aim of this review is to present and analyse long-term studies that are known in contemporary literature. Material and method: For a better evaluation of the literature and the studies conducted on time we started a research in PubMed, MedLine, Cochrane Library, Google Databases and Who.Int using the keywords: “Orthodontics and TMD“. From the results we adapted to our research only 38 of them, 27 of which prospective studies, retrospective and longitudinal. 9 are literature reviews and 2 case report. The selected articles include both genders and are classified in 3 periods of time.Results: There are not any evidence that blame directly the orthodontic treatment as cause of TMD. Longitudinal studies show an increased popularity of TMD within the age and the disseapearance passing the years. Greater prevalence of TMD is found in children and teens making it seem as if orthodontic treatment has an impact for Tempo-mandibular disorders.