The Students’ Insights and The Level of Fulfillment of Mobile Learning at UniSZA


  • Omar Jamil Alkfaween, Yousef Abubaker El-Ebiary, Mumtazimah Binti Mohamad


Technology Acceptance, Student Satisfaction, Mobile Learning, Acceptance Models, Usability, UniSZA, Malaysia


Malaysia has recently observed a continuous increasing degree on the application of technology-enhanced learning implements and internet connected admission. The present situation of mobile learning in Malaysia is examined so as to offer an important way for the upcoming improvement of university e-Education in Malaysia. The powers of mobile knowledge are explained and its present position including defiance matters from the viewpoint of mental learning is spoken. This study will apply at UniSZA students in Malaysia. It is chosen as the scope for this research as its students are currently met with several challenges and facing in their learning through using mobiles. This study will be significance since it creates that in order for UniSZA to effectively implement the mobile learning application, senior administration have to implement an important part in including that technology to backing this inventiveness must be ready and well-suited with other present technologies implemented by higher education organizations. But universities are predictable to improve appropriate mobile learning signification and syllabus which will finally give to making a learning atmosphere that will help improve additional the country’s cultured civilization in the near future, moreover design agencies or specialized software companies may usefulness from this study by designing or developing smartphone application interfaces that are easy to be used by students. The research problem is the shortage of researches on students ' dissatisfaction with movable education about the problem of the application interface used in smartphones and the fact that most designers are more familiar with the design of printed terminology and web pages than with the user interface design; In particular, the development of mobile interfaces is something new and, consequently, there has been no prior involvement in this field. This current study resolve is to evaluate student satisfaction with UniSZA use of mobile learning. This is to acknowledge the students’ insights and the level of fulfillment of mobile learning at UniSZA. The research applied the quantifiable approach in the opening stage, survey questionnaires will lead and conducted among the range of the study, and to calculate the sample size, I used Steven K. Thompson equation to calculate the sample size.The study population consisted of (9,272) students of Sultan Zain Alabidin University (UniSZA), (, with the aim of categorizing the aspects that are essential from their viewpoint about mobile learning and examine the expectations and perceptions and the level of student’s agreement mobile learning amongst students of UniSZA, and the study sample consisted of (369) students. In this study, the researcher will rely on the use of the Statistical Package Program (SPSS). A number of statistical tools will be used. the results show that mean was high, moderate and low for the domain of "The students’ insights and the level of fulfillment of mobile learning at UniSZA”, as well as the total mean+ SD"4.04+0.55".