The Role of University Social Clubs in Academic Development in Higher Education: A Study of Dhofar University


  • Reem Abuiyada, Zafar Mehdi


University social clubs, professional development, social development, academic achievement, Higher Institutions.


University Clubs and organizations are important part of university life and they are potentially help students develop their professional and social development, there is a scarce of knowledge in this area of research. The main purpose of this study, in principle, was to explore a learning strategy at university clubs’ levels, incorporating Communities of Practice with undergraduates to enhance students’ potentials for academic development. The qualitative research approach was used in this study using focus groups of students and in-depth interviews. The participants were 32 students and five academic staff as experts.  Over the course of five weeks, four focus group sessions with a total of eight students were held. Five themes emerged from the study to describe the experiences of the students during their club meeting using Communities of practice as a learning strategy: (a) mutual engagement, (b) shared repertoire, (c) Participation practice, (d) power, and (e) identity