Software Metrics Supported Approach for Partial Reengineering Process


  • Sumesh Sood, Anshul Kalia, Aayushi Kalia, Nikhlesh Kumar Badoga, Santosh Saklani


Reengineering, Metrics, Maintainability Index, Cyclomatic Complexity


Reengineering is the process of assessment and modification of existing software to redesign it into a new form and the subsequent implementation of the new form. The emphasis lies on preserving the existing functionality while transforming into the new form. The metrics have a vital role in measuring the properties of software projects quantitatively through well-defined measurement rules. The reengineering process in this work has been supported by the software metrics-based approach. To make the reengineering process economical and efficient, the Rainfall Model has been used in different phases of the proposed framework. The measurements obtained by metrics are used to provide the basis for making decisions about reengineering requirements of software engineering tasks.