Strategic Management Cases (Model for Fostering Mentally Impaired Families Based on Local Wisdom in Karangpatihan Ponorogo)


  • Ahmad Muslich, M. Zainal Arif, Happy Susanto, Ayok Ariyanto, Adib Husnul Rois, Devid Erwahyudin


Idiot Village, Independence, Values, KarangPatihan


This study seeks to examine in depth the cultivation of independence and religious values ​​in Idiot village families in Ponorogo Regency. Karang Patihan Village, Balong District, Ponorogo Regency is a village where some of the people have mental retardation. The question arises why it is necessary to build independence and inculcate religious values ​​in the Karang Patihan Village community. The purpose of this study is to support independence to eradicate mentally retarded families to minimize dependence on others. The research method used is a qualitative method with a case study approach. Study data were collected through interviews, observations, documentation, and readings related to mentally retarded families, aspects of independence, and the cultivation of religious values. The results of the study indicate that independence is an attitude that is acquired cumulatively in the process of development towards independence to deal with various situations in the social environment.