Patriarchal Culture: A Study of the Lampung Muslim Women's Movements in Women Empowerment


  • Arsyad Sobby Kesuma, Aris Risdiana, Reza Bakhtiar Ramadhan


Patriarchal Culture, Gender Equality, Lampung Muslim women’s movement


This study examined the forms of discrimination and inequality towards women in the Lampung society that is still full of patriarchal culture. The occurrence of sub-ordination between men and women, as well as the dichotomy of space in the Lampung society construct, is marked by the strengthening of men's power as a single hegemon in social life. In the context of defending and attacking, Lampung Muslim women who are in social organizations accommodate inequality by carrying out several women's empowerment activities. The purpose of these organizations is to provide understanding, as well as make women workers, farmers, and fishermen aware of equality and human rights. This study discussed the activities of the Aisyiyah Organization and the Sebay Lampung Women's Solidarity Society (SP) in counseling or empowering women who experience inequality or discrimination. Methodologically, this study used the approach of the Islamic feminism movement. This study used a qualitative approach and data collection techniques used were interviews, observation, and documentation.