Religious Synchretism in Paranormal Myths: Study of Javanese Islamic Society in Blitar Regency


  • M. Dimyati Huda


Religious syncretism, Javanese Islamic Society, Paranormal


The persistence of Javanese Islamic society amid traditional and modern life can uncover socio-cultural and religious myths, which are the basis of their motive interests in visiting paranormal as well as understanding the views of Islamic societies in Java towards the paranormal profession. By using an ethnographic approach, this research has been able to show how strong the traditional beliefs and thoughts stemming from the ancestors of the Javanese Islamic society in Blitar. Moreover, in reality, some matters strengthen each other between Javanese culture and Islam so that syncretism can occur. People who come to paranormal indeed have some motive for need and concern. At this critical point, religion and culture are required to provide answers to society, so culture and religion as a reality of meaning function for the problems of society