Deliberation Management of Islamic Religious Education Teacher in High School of Metro City


  • Zainu Amri, Juhri Abdul Muin, Yahya, Koderi


management, subject teacher deliberations, Islamic religious education


The main purpose of this study was to analyze the management of the Islamic religious education subject teachers' meeting at the Metro City Senior High School. This research is a type of descriptive research using a qualitative approach. The results of the study found that in general the management of MGMP PAI SMA Metro City still needs to be improved, especially in preparing programs, schedules and places for routine MGMP activities, improving the quality of teacher professional competence, developing syllabus and conducting Study Material Analysis (AMP), Annual Program (Prota), Semester Program (Prosem), Lesson Plans (RPP), and KKM (Minimum Completeness Criteria), and actively participates in provincial and national MGMP activities and collaborates with MKKS and the like cooperatively. Therefore, the recommendations given are to conduct training, create an official website, evaluate and monitor continuously