Promiscuity and Polygamy: Natural Human Instincts?


  • Trisha Kadyan, Dr. Sachin Rastogi


These days, there is a cacophony about highly increased sex culture, including sex-related crimes, especially rapes and sexual offences against women and children. Such a scenario is alarming and forces society to trace the causal factors behind such an unprecedented increase of such behavioural patterns. Humans, by nature, are made to be promiscuous, and godmen are no exception. It is a fact that human beings, by nature, are polyandrous and promiscuous. Their monogamous lifestyle is the artificial behaviour forced upon by societal norms, laws, and cultural influences, which is always at the edge of breaking down when faced with the slightest rickety moment.
Before the established sociological order, humans lived like animals, and no norms for sexual intercourse or relations had been in place. Promiscuity tends to be rebuked by many societies, expecting people to have committed, long-term bonding relationships with single partners. Historically, women's promiscuity has been considered more critical and kept under surveillance socially compared to men. Promiscuity has been defined as the state of being anti-social and immoral. Promiscuity is the habit of having sex frequently with unlike partners or being eclectic in the choice of sexual partners. No disease can be healed unless the cause of the disease is established. In this piece, we have tried to determine the causal factors behind sexual acts in earlier times and the increased activity combined with perversion in modern times.