Physical measurements as an indicator to predict the skill performance of students in volleyball


  • Atyab Mahdi Hadi, Prof.Dr. Mokhalad Mohammed Jasim


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The purpose of this paper is to identifying the percentage of the contribution of Physical measurements to the skill performance of students in volleyball and finding a predictive equation for the skill performance of students in volleyball in terms of their Physical measurements the researchers used the descriptive approach in both survey methods and predictive studies to suit the nature and suitability of the problem. The research community was identified with the third stage students in the College of Physical Education and the Sports Sciences / University of Babylon, for the academic year 2021/2022, and their number is (119) students. As for the most important conclusions and recommendations: The Physical measurements of the students contributed to an acceptable level of skill performance in volleyball ,and the extracted predictive model has proven its efficiency according to the statistically applicable standards inanition it is important to generalize the use of the prediction equation for skill performance, especially for team sports teams.