Modern Iranian children's and adolescent literature. The creative path of Farhod Khasanzoda


  • Dilshoda Nurboyeva, Imamova Gulchehra Zoirovna


Contemporary Iranian children's, adolescent literature youth novel, Farhod Khasanzoda.


This research paper examines the issue of "otherness" in youth fiction, with a focus on typical Iranian youth novels dealing with the relationship between youth and adults. It also provides subtest information about the work of Farhad Hasanzoda as a prolific writer working in various styles of children's and youth literature, who wrote more than 80 works on various topics. He has received many national and international awards. Ideas and world works include This Blog Turns Over, Namaki and the Spectacled Snake, Guest on the Moon, Call Me Ziba, etc. This study is designed to read Farhod Khasanzoda's Bambak Ship Scorpions through intertextuality. , which is one of the five forms of transtextuality and reveals prepositions of interest to the author. Further it will be clear that the author created the prepositions of the works, and these prepositions arose when choosing some elements of the story. The author also paid special attention to predictors of mass culture, such as proverbs and allusions, popular songs of that time and slogans of the revolution. For this reason, the presence of this preposition in the work has a high frequency.