Pareto type-II-Exponential Odd Distribution and Estimation of Its parameters


  • Ban M.Tuij, Ahmed AL-Adilee


Continues distributions, Odd Distributions approaches, Moments, Goodness of Fit Measures, Data Set Analysis


A new distribution namely Pareto type-II-Exponential from Pareto family is introduced which is denoted by (PEOD). We explore the cumulative distribution function (cdf) and its probability density function (pdf), as well as other features such as the survival function, moments, and graphs of such functions. We also use the maximum likelihood technique to discover the approximate values that meet the intended distribution and estimate the parameters model of the created distribution PEOD. Finally, we use the created PEOD to evaluate some data and compare the findings to the goodness-of-fit measurements with regard to the Pareto distribution to determine which distribution better matches the data.