Enhancing Training Economic Students in English as Foreign Language in Economic Subjects in Vietnam Universities


  • Do Thu Huong, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, Pham Thi Hong Nhung


The study purpose is to analyze real situation and propose solutions to strengthen the English skills and competency of economic students in economic subjects at Vietnam Universities.
As Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Le Thi Thanh Huong et al (2021) stated Youth are young people, the future of a nation, a country. K. Marx called youth the source of the nation's life. President Ho Chi Minh also once affirmed: "Young people are the future masters of the state... the state is prosperous or weak, weak or strong, largely because of the youth". Moral education for young people is a task of great interest to Marxists and it has become a strategic task of each country
On the basis of theory and practice, and at the same time based on the requirements of renewing teaching methods as well as the role of advanced English communication in specialized subjects of students in economic majors, if it is possible to teach English for students of the Vietnam University in the direction of careers and applying those measures in the process of teaching advanced English, it will make students realize the rich and diverse relationship between the content of English at their universities. On the other hand, authors also suggest solutions and recommendations to improve students’ English skills as secondary foreign language and methods for improving the quality of training.