Types of agricultural lands in the book “Dictionary of Countries” by Yaqut al-Hamawi


  • Zainab Khudair Abbas, Prof. Dr.Abdul Sattar Nassif Jassim


lands. Agricultural. Yaqut al-Hamawi


Praise be to God, the truth of his praise, and prayers and peace be upon the one who has no prophet after him, and upon all his family and companions, and after:

It is not hidden from the greatness of the impact of agricultural wealth, and its importance in this world in which we live. Today, such as unemployment, inflation, and others, which take the lives of individuals and countries. Hence, Islam made for it and others like it a special system and a rule that does not deal with anything else, and this is not strange to the rulings of Islam. Because of the importance of agriculture and the people’s need for it, Islam paid attention to lands as the main source of the country’s economy, so it divided it into several types according to the method of its conquest. The nature of the material necessitated dividing the research into an introduction and two sections that dealt with in the first section the lands, while in the second topic we dealt with the decimal lands.