The effect of Maxex exercises in developing the explosive ability and some offensive skills of youth in football


  • Amir Fahim Mohsen, Prof. Dr Diaa Jaber Mohamed, Prof. Dr. Alia Hussein Daham


: maxex training, explosive ability, offensive skills


The Maxex training is considered to be the most important training methods that contribute effectively to the development of the (explosive ability) of the players because of its direct impact on the nervous and muscular systems. Since the explosive ability is the mainstay of some skills that the player performs during the competition (scoring and headshot), the researchers develop this ability using a new training method that has a positive impact on this ability. The more the team players possess these physical skills abilities, the more positively reflection on improving the team's level, so the coaches need to pay attention to the physical and skill capabilities of football players. Thus, the research aims to prepare the Maxex training and to identify the effect of the these training in developing the explosive ability and some offensive skills for youth in football. The researchers used the experimental method, designing one group with two tests, pre and post, for its suitability to the nature of the problem. where the study concluded that maxex training helped to develop explosive ability and some offensive skills in football players. The study recommended that coaches should pay attention to use maxex training according to scientific training methods when exercising football players.