Evaluating the performance of junior players for the numerical complex attack with a sword fencing skill


  • Lec. Yashar Muhammad Jalil Al-Shamsi, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jassim Ahmed Al-Yasiri


performance evaluation, numerical complex attack.


. The study aimed to prepare and design a complex numerical attack form for the junior fencing players with a fencing weapon. This could be done through the process of evaluating the players’ performance of offensive skills by using the standardized and scientifically designed form, which will inevitably be a regular standard tool that gives accurate and correct results. This is something that inevitably will secure the development of players. Accordingly, the researchers used the descriptive approach in the survey method and the correlational relationships for its relevance to the nature of the problem for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the research. After they identified the research community with the junior players in Diyala province, which numbered (30) players, a sample of (12) players were selected in a systematic random manner.