An analytical study of some mental and kinetical skills correlations of Junior football players


  • Lec. Saeed Abdul-Ridha, Prof. Dr. Haitham Muhammad Kazem Al-Jubouri


mental skills, kinetic skills, junior football players.


Abstract. Reaching perfection in the performance of the kinetic skill is linked to mastering the mental skill because it precedes the skill in performance. Nowadays, It became important to conduct an analytical study to find out the extent of the relationship between those skills by relying on accurate scientific tests according to devices manufactured and designed for this purpose, as well as a special simulator device to measure the most important mental skills that football players need such as the focus of attention and the speed of response and decision-making to reach the best results and achieving a study that has a high level of honesty and stability. The research aims is to design and manufacture modern electronic devices to measure the kinetic skills (scoring, dribbling, receiving and handling the ball). Moreover, it aims to find the correlation between the mental abilities and the kinetic skills of the football junior players. The descriptive approach by using the survey method and the correlational studies were used in this research. The research sample consisted of academies and the football school players for Juniors in Babylon Governate, who numbered (240) players. Electronic devices were manufactured to perform mental skills tests (attention focus, response speed, decision-making) and the kinetic skills (dribbling, scoring, receiving and handling the ball). Among the conclusions that the research came out with is the existence of an insignificant correlation between the mental and kinetic skills of the junior players because the training age for them is short and they were unable to reach the mechanism and fixation of the skill and to overcome the internal and external influences. The research recommends that  trainers’ should interest in developing mental skills, which in turn helps to develop kinetic skills throughout specific exercises specified to each skill to reach the ideal performance or perfection in performance.