The effect of a designed training field 0n developing some physiological variables for the elderly (60-65 years old).


  • Ali Adel Hassan Al-Muhanna, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Miteb


a designed training field, functional exercises, physiological variables of elderly.


The need for a high degree of physical fitness with the availability of a good health condition is very important for every human. It requires practicing sports activities on an ongoing basis, which should be done with consciously, awareness and understanding of its importance. Through the researchers' observations of the elderly category, they diagnosis the suffering experienced by this age group from the rapid decline and deterioration in the biomotor abilities, and the sport environment in their society that is considered to be a poor environment in which there are no playgrounds, if any exist, it is not suitable with their ages. In addition to their sport practices, if they do, may be less or higher than their capabilities because they are not scientifically legalized. The study aimed to prepare functional exercises using a designed training field to develop the most important physiological variables for the elderly (60-65) years and to know the effect of these exercises on some of the physiological variables. The researchers used the experimental approach by designing two equal groups. The research community included the elderly in the elderly home of Babylon Province, numbering 21 people with the sample consisted of 14 people who were randomly selected and divided into two groups, an experimental group and a control group. The functional exercises using a designed training field were applied after conducting the pre-tests on the experimental group by three training units per week for a period of 8 weeks. After that, post-tests were conducted and the data were statistically processed by using the statistical software (SPSS). The researchers concluded that functional exercises using a designed training field have a positive effect on some of the physiological variables of the elderly (60-65) years old.