The effect of MAXEX exercises in developing some of the biokinematic variables, physical abilities and scoring accuracy for football players


  • Amir Fahim Mohsen, Prof. Dr Diaa Jaber Mohamed, Prof. Dr. Alia Hussein Daham


maxex training, angle of starting, explosive speed, offensive ability and scoring.


Abstract. The importance of the research lies in preparing MAXEX exercises and knowing their impact on some biomechanical variables and physical abilities that are directly involved in the performance of the scoring skill on the goal in football. The research problem is that players did not use the correct motor paths represented by the biomechanical rules and the physical abilities through which the player can implement the scoring skill successfully with a high accuracy towards the goal. The researchers believe that the reason for this is the lack of using exercises commensurate with the football scoring skill by coaches. The research aimed to know the effect of MAXEX training on some physical abilities and the values ​​of some of biomechanical variables that contribute to the speed and accuracy of scoring for football players. The researcher used the experimental method, the one-group design, to solve the research problem. The research community is determined by the (18) players of Naft Al-Wasat Football Club, which participates in the Iraqi league, for the youth category. The most important conclusions were MAXEX exercises contributed to the development of the physical abilities (explosive ability, strength characteristic of speed) and some of the biokinetic variables that contribute to the speed and accuracy of scoring. The most important recommendations included the interest in using MAXEX training on the basis of scientific training method to raise the physical ability and skill efficiency of young football players.