The collection of learning the skills of the numerical and circular complex attack for junior fencing with a fencing weapon


  • Lec. Yashar Muhammad Jalil Al-Shamsi, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Jassim Ahmed Al-Yasiri


learning acquisition, numerical complex attack, circular complex attack.


The study aimed to find the differences between the results of the players in the performance of the numerical and circular complex attack skills for juniors fencing with a fencing weapon. Undoubtedly, sports results are constantly changing and continuously, this continuity implies to the use of the quantitative assessment system for the players’ specifications and skills, in order to form a model for a player who would be able to reach the higher levels, as the skills that players learn are determined by their sports scores. Accordingly, the researchers used the descriptive approach in the survey method for its relevance to the nature of the problem in order to achieve the objectives of the research. After they identified the research community with the junior players in Diyala province, which numbered (40) players, a sample of (24) players were selected in a systematic random manner. The results came with an important conclusion, which is that the research sample members performed the two skills at a high and close level, and there is no meaningful difference between these two performances.